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Starting in 2019, I launched a video series on Vimeo to explore topics of presidential history outside of the narrative of the podcast. The episodes of this series to date are below.

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V001 – Tammany Hall and the Presidencies

In response to Jacob from The Podcast on Germany‘s question, I examine the relationship between the historically influential political organization of Tammany Hall and the presidents of the United States. Whether in support of or in opposition to Tammany, many presidents over the centuries have interacted with this New York City institution.


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V002 – The Washington Presidency in Five (or So) Minutes

In response to a question from Les, I attempt to do a summation of the Washington presidency from memory in five minutes. Though the full series is recommended for more detail, I think the result is rather entertaining.


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V003 – Interview with Jared Cohen, Accidental Presidents

In this episode, I talk with Jared Cohen, author of Accidental Presidents: Eight Men Who Changed America, about the presidents who came to the office due to the untimely demise of their predecessor and how their becoming president altered the course of US history. In this wide-ranging discussion, we assess some of the successes and failures of these presidents as well as the history of how constitutional questions related to succession were answered and what questions still remain.


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V004 – Interview with Zacharie Kinslow

On the anniversary of James K Polk’s death, I spoke with Zacharie Kinslow of the President James K Polk Home and Museum in Columbia, TN about the 11th President and his wife Sarah Childress Polk. Zach also shares his research on the life of Elias Polk, an enslaved individual whose life after attaining freedom following the Civil War provides insight into life for African-Americans in the Reconstruction Era and the Gilded Age.


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