02 – John Adams

John Adams by Gilbert Stuart (c.1800-1815), courtesy of Wikimedia



A brief overview of the history of the Adams family, and John Adams’s life to 1772 (1638-1772) A brief overview of Adams’s career during the American Revolution, his tenure as a diplomat in Europe, and his service as Vice President (1773-1797) Adams takes the oath of office but finds himself beset with problems from the very beginning, including a threat for his Cabinet to resign. (1796-1797)
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A brief overview of events in Britain, France, and Saint-Domingue that would impact the Adams presidency. (1783-1797) The Adams administration learns of a break in diplomatic relations with France and works to determine an appropriate response as Adams cultivates sources of information in Europe independent of the State Dept. (1796-1797) Abigail Adams arrives in Philadelphia as the first of the original six frigates of the US Navy is launched and Adams appoints peace commissioners to France. Meanwhile, scandal rocks the Senate and news of Hamilton’s extramarital affair becomes public. (1792-1797)
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2.07 – One Hand Washes the Other: The XYZ Affair 2.08 – TBD 2.09 – TBD
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2.16 – TBD 2.17 – Adams Post-Presidency 2.18 – Adams Q&A
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