01 – George Washington

The Constable-Hamilton Portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart [1797] courtesy of Wikipedia



 1.01  Washington Pre-Presidency 01  Source Notes  Washington’s life from 1732 to 1764
 1.02  Washington Pre-Presidency 02  Source Notes  Washington’s life from 1764 to 1789
 1.025       Special Episode: Hamilton  Source Notes  The life of Alexander Hamilton leading up to the Constitutional Convention (c. 1755-1787)
 1.03  Year One  Source Notes  The beginning of Washington’s administration and the establishment of the federal executive (1789)
 1.04  The Dream Team  Source Notes  Washington’s choices for his first Cabinet and the state of the executive departments (1789)
1.045      Mini-Episode: A Proclamation of Thanksgiving Source Notes Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1789 (1789)
 1.05  Take This Report and File It  Source Notes  Hamilton sends his First Report on the Public Credit to Congress, and partisan division ensues (1790)
 1.06  Assumption, Presumption, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off  Source Notes  The First Congress debates Hamilton’s Assumption Plan as well as the location of the new capital (1790)
 1.07  Arthur St Clair: Worst. General. Ever.  Source Notes  The failures of the Harmar and St. Clair campaigns to force Native Americans in the Northwest Territory to submit to government demands (1789-1792)
 1.08  Banking and Drinking  Source Notes  The establishment of the federal district on the Potomac, the move of the federal government to the temporary capital of Philadelphia, and the debate over the Bank of the United States (1789-1791)
 1.09  Agitations  Source Notes  The rumblings of factionalism and sectionalism in the federal government, the growing divide between Jefferson and Hamilton, and the National Gazette is established (1789-1791)
 1.10  Agitations 2: Foreign Intrigues Source Notes  The administration copes with the Anglo-American trade imbalance, the French revolution, Spanish plots in the lands west of the Appalachians, and the Haitian Revolution (1789-1792)
 1.11 Mad Anthony and His Legion Source Notes  Washington and Knox reorganize the US Army and Gen. Anthony Wayne is chosen to take command following St. Clair’s defeat while James Wilkinson makes a ‘Hail Mary’ run at glory (1792-1793)
 1.12 Slavery in America Source Notes  The development of the institution of slavery by European settlers in what would become the United States during colonial times through Washington’s first term of office (1490s-1792)
 1.13 Should I Stay or Should I Go Now Source Notes  The Panic of 1792 threatens the future of the nation while Washington has to determine whether to run for reelection and Hamilton’s affair with Maria Reynolds takes an interesting turn (1792)
 1.14 The Second Inaugural Source Notes  Pierre Charles L’Enfant designs the new federal capital while proving irksome to many in the government while Hamilton’s affair with Maria Reynolds threatens to be made public knowledge and a reluctant Washington takes his second oath of office (1791-1793)
 1.15 It’s Not Easy Being Neutral Source Notes  France and Britain are at war, and the Washington administration is desperately attempting to maintain a neutral course to avoid getting drawn into a war that the US could ill afford. Unfortunately, the new French minister is going to do all he can to complicate matters. (1791-1793)
 1.16 Don’t Mess With Washington Source Notes  Problems with the new French minister fuel an increase in party agitations and coincide with Washington’s personal issues and Hamilton and Jefferson announcing their intentions to leave the Cabinet (1793)
 1.17 Genet Must Go Source Notes  Washington returns to Philadelphia to deal with his quarrelsome Cabinet, the intrigues of the French minister, and “that rascal Freneau” while working to preserve neutrality without offending Britain or France in the process (1793)
 1.18 Pestilence Source Notes  The administration struggles to deal with an epidemic of yellow fever as it makes its way through the city of Philadelphia, and the crisis brings up questions about how best to utilize medical knowledge to the public good and the ability and role of the government in a crisis management situation. (1786-1793)
 1.19 Rebellion Source Notes  New headaches abound for Washington due to agitations both at home and abroad as 1793 draws to a close while his Cabinet undergoes a change of the guard and the president begins to plan for his post-presidency behind the scenes. (1791-1794)
 1.20 Go West, Young Men Source Notes  Washington and his Cabinet adjust to a new member in their ranks as the Whiskey Rebellion heats up in western PA, Hamilton defends himself against ethics charges, and Gen. Anthony Wayne prepares for battle (1792-1794)
 1.205       Special Episode: Randolph Source Notes  The life of Edmund Randolph, the first Attorney General and second Secretary of State, leading up to his joining the Washington administration (1753-1789)
 1.21 The Bigger They Are… Source Notes  The British threaten American shipping interests in the West Indies, General “Mad” Anthony Wayne and the Legion begins marching north to engage native forces in battle, and Washington prepares to lead troops into western Pennsylvania to take down the Whiskey Rebellion. (1792-1794)
 1.215       Special Episode: Martha Washington Source Notes  The life and legacy of Martha Washington, the first First Lady, as explored both in narrative and in an interview with historian Feather Schwartz Foster (1731-1802)
 1.22 My, What Big Treaties You Have Source Notes  Gen. Wayne and the Legion wrap up their campaign, two envoys are appointed to seek peace in Europe, and Washington and Hamilton organize military forces and head west to put an end to the Whiskey Rebellion (1793-1794)
 1.23 Effigies and Efficacies Source Notes  Washington and Hamilton lead troops through western Pennsylvania to put down the Whiskey Rebellion while James Monroe heads to Paris as the new US Minister and immediately stirs up controversy (1793-1794)
 1.24 The Mvskoke and Mathews (to be released 21 Jan 2018) Source Notes
 1.25 TBD (to be released 4 Feb 2018) Source Notes
1.26 TBD (to be released 18 Feb 2018) Source Notes
 1.26 TBD (to be released 4 Mar 2018) Source Notes
 1.27 TBD (to be released 4 Mar 2018) Source Notes
 1.28 Washington Post-Presidency (to be released 1 Apr 2018) Source Notes
 1.29 Washington Q&A (to be released 15 Apr 2018) Source Notes

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