About the Podcast

The First Inauguration of Barack Obama (2009), courtesy of whitehouse.gov

This podcast is dedicated to exploring presidential history from the founding of the office in 1789 to the present day. I intend to systematically explore the people and events that made each administration and the office in general and try to bring to life for listeners the characters and stories that make up the history of the chief executives of the United States.

About the Host

Jerry Landry is the host and producer of the Presidencies of the United States. In addition to his lifelong passion for presidential history, Jerry brings to his work extensive experience in scholarly research, data analysis, and effective learning strategies in both online settings and in-person facilitation.


If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me via email at presidenciespodcast@gmail.com, on Twitter at presidencies89, on Facebook at facebook.com/presidencies, or on Instagram at presidenciespodcast.